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Custom made plastic constructions

Maatconstructies We produce varying made-to-measure constructions in PVC, HDPE, PP and PVDF, for industry, construction industry or contractors. The constructions are made of plates or winding tubes and can be fortified with ferro frames, plastic-coated, if necessary. Capacity from 250 l to 50000 l.

Maatconstructies Plastics have developed into a generally accepted product: polyethylene PE and polypropylene PP, have increased the possibilities on this area considerably. PLASTIGI can give a custom made solution to all your problems.

First the problem is analysed together with the customer. Then we determine which plastics are most suited for the construction. Each plastic has his own properties that makes it ideal to use in certain circumstances. After the necessary preparations, we begin the construction of :

  • Containers for storage of chemicals and corrosive products
  • Plastic containers for manufacturing procedures
  • Machine construction

PLASTIGI, with its long experience in plastics, employs experienced and specialised professionals with all the necessary welding qualifications to make every desired construction.

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